Top Five Indian Celebrations Where Cakes are Cut


India is termed to be a land of diversity. There are different states in the country that experiences different types of climates, geographical region, languages, culture, religion and habits. Different cultures also mean different types of celebrations. Indians as a whole and in general are considered to be traditional in their approach. The trends to gift someone is changing gradually from sweets to cakes, welcome garland to that of rose bouquet, hand knitted sweaters and shawls to modern, trendy, fashion apparels. Most occasions are found to be linked with some type of gifts that is just perfect to enhance the moods of people of all ages.

Some occasions where cakes are given importance

  • Birthday: Previously, Indians celebrated this wonderful day by preparing kheer and sweets at home. However, the changing trends have witnessed the birthday boy or girl cutting cakes of their choice and distributing among the guests. These days, it is simply impossible to celebrate birthdays without the cake. Online cake delivery in Jaipur offered by reputed portals does provide shoppers with plenty of choices. There have mushroomed numerous companies that have been coming up with new flavours and designs in every passing season. Also are present endless cake varieties to select from. Few favoured birthday cakes are themed cakes, photo cakes, number cakes, character cakes, buttercream and drippy cakes having attractive floral designs in them.
  • Wedding anniversary: This is indeed a nostalgic occasions, and hence, the very best gifts are to be chosen to make the moments magical and all the more special. Cakes do form the best gifts on such occasions. Some of the quintessential flavours are chocolate, red velvet, fresh fruit and vanilla versions. Aesthetics and taste of the cake does matter a lot in the selection process. The preferred anniversary cake is perhaps the one that is topped with intricate fondant patterns, elaborate sugar roses including passionate hues such as red.
  • Wedding: This is an important celebration. Some hot favourites include multiple tiered or layered cakes that are adorned with fondant as well as trimmed with delicious, edible floral wreaths. The selected colour scheme is soft pastel and not too jazzy.
  • Mother’s Day: With Indians incorporating western habits in their lives, there have emerged several celebrations like the Mother’s Day that is given due importance. Delicious cakes of choice can be presented to the mother to make the day special for her and to cherish all those sweet moments of life that the child and the mother had shared together.
  • Valentine’s Day: This is another popular day for young Indians. Cakes can be sent to lovers on this special day to show love and affection for the beloved one. These days, there are made different types and flavours of Valentine Day cakes. This can prove to be an excellent treat for the wife, girlfriend, husband, boyfriend as well as the beloved one. People have been quite enthusiastic to order cakes on this day.

The presence of reputed ecommerce sites have made it possible for people to order cakes, to enhance the moods on the different occasions celebrated here.