Mooncake CaloriesIt is the time of the year once again to indulge in a tempting array of scrumptious mooncakes that are bursting to the brim with dense, cloyingly sweet fillings. When I am all for festivities and celebrations, it is also essential to bear in thoughts that you are going to have to work a tiny harder this mooncake festival season to burn off all those additional calories! Went to Nex mall foodfair with mummy to gather the yam mooncake and sampled rather a couple of other mooncakes. If you opt for a 12 cm, 4 yolk lotus seed mooncake it is usually going to be much more than a 5cm, 1 yolk lotus seed mooncake. According to my calculations, (510 calories x 1.5) / four = 191.25 extra calories. I LURV their mini molten lava cakes, so I had a feeling the mini mooncakes they make will be exceptional.

Traditionally, families celebrate the moon by eating moon cakes – dense, higher calorie pastries traditionally filled with a lotus seed paste and a vibrant yellow yolk from a salted duck egg that symbolizes the moon. Other healthier moon cake that can be found at this joint contains cholesterol absolutely free jelly moon cake with true fruit filling such as durian jelly and pandan jelly (this is totally vegan!). The oil in the mooncake is evident but that gave the mooncake a smoother richer finish.

My children really like the mooncakes, particularly my elder kid, who could wolf down two at a …

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