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Banana CakeTake your beater bowl and beaters/whisk and place them in the refrigerator (or, if they are metal and you can fit them, put them in your freezer) for about 15 minutes just before starting. This Banana Cake with Fudgy Chocolate Peanut Butter Swirl Frosting is a scrumptious symphony of perfect pairings: peanut butter and banana, banana and chocolate, chocolate and peanut butter. The cake is best the day it really is produced, but I personally think it is even far better the second day. Serving suggestion: cool cake and reduce into layers and fill with cream cheese frosting, or spread with whipped cream cheese just ahead of serving. Just pour me a glass of milk and I’m in. Thanks for the recipe – I have a nice set of bananas I hate to go to waste.

Thank all for your comments they were really useful and persuaded me to attempt the recipe as otherwise I probably would not have!!!! Most folks i know and which includes myself prefer cupcakes, and i would enjoy to attempt your recipes. It was nonetheless a bit gooey so I added another 15. Nevertheless a tiny bit gooey, but the mug was so hot I figured it would still bake a bit a lot more whilst cooling from the remaining heat in the mug. HI Ngas, It does sound like you could not have creamed the butter and sugar adequate to commence with.

This is a recipe I’ve been generating for years and I love …

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