Green Tea Snowskin Mooncake (Updated Recipe For Snowskin)

Snowskin MooncakeWhen I was much younger, the main explanation why I looked forward to the annual Mid-Autumn Festival wasn’t so much the mooncakes that I would get to consume. A perennial favourite is the Black Sesame Paste with Melon Seeds Snowskin Mooncake ($75 / box of 8), featuring smooth black sesame paste embedded with melon seeds. Even though Goodwood Park Hotel is identified for their their durian mooncakes, the new pineapple, lemongrass and dark cherry snowskin mooncake ($33 for two pieces) may possibly just steal the show this year. Bear in mind to coat your mould with flour by dipping your mould in a bowl of flour and knocking off the excess just about every single time you use it. You never want the snowskin to stick onto your mould.

Wrapped in a pleasing pastel orange velvety snow skin complemented with an aromatic green bean and sweet potato that supplies the proper balance of sweetness. I followed the recipe closely except that I substituted with vegetable oil and golden syrup. I have attempted this more than the weekend, the skin was absolutely soft and taste great unlike those sold commercially that’s grainy.

Initially from Hong Kong, snow skin mooncakes are made with roasted glutinous rice flour, giving them a soft outer coating, equivalent to a super soft mochi. I ended up churning a batch of Valrhona Caramelia Szechuan peppercorn ice cream and stuff it inside the green tea snow skin. So even if you commonly are not a fan of mooncakes, …

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