An Introduction to Classifications of Wine

An Introduction to Classifications of Wine

Wine can be sorted into three colors, white, red, and pink. In addition to being sorted by color, it can be sorted into three categories: table, dessert, and sparkling. Wine also further varies by alcohol content and carbonation. Lets start with the three categories of, table, dessert, and sparkling.

Table wine is fermented grape juice whose alcohol content falls within a certain range. Table wine is not bubbly, and may not have an alcohol content higher than 14% in the United States. Within the eyes of the law, unless a wine has more than 14 percent alcohol or has bubbles it is considered a table wine.

Dessert wine on the other hand have more than 14 percent alcohol due to the wine makers adding alcohol during or after the fermentation process. This type of wine making is unusual but, the Port region in Portugal, and the Sherry region of Spain have made quite a specialty out of it.

Generally, these types are wine are enjoyed after dinner, and are usually sweet. There are however a few dessert wines that are not sweet, and are best enjoyed before dinner. In Europe, dessert wines are also called liqueur wines, which carries the same nuance of sweetness.

Lastly is Sparkling wine. Those are the wines that contain carbon dioxide bubbles. Carbon dioxide gas is a natural byproduct of fermentation. Sparkling wine is the official name for the category of wines with bubbles in the United States, Canada, and Europe. There is a sparkling wine that is made with a particular grape variety and produced in a certain way, in a region of France which is what we all know as Champagne. It is the undisputed heavy weight of Bubbly and definitely the most famous.…

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Train Journey between Mumbai and Bangalore

Going down the memory lane I remember one of the best journey’s of my life, from Mumbai to Bangalore. With no hefty amount of money in my pockets, I booked a train ticket and got my PNR on IRCTC website and  sat on a train. Over the distance of 984 kms, I witnessed several rivers, scenic bridges, lush thickets, sleepy villages and lot more.

Mumbai, being the entertainment capital of our country is always considered a busy city with chaotic lanes and buzz all around. I entered the grand Mumbai central station, filled with noisy and cranky crowd. As I sat on the train and it started to move, there was a weirdly beautiful sense of quietness that filled the atmosphere. I could see the entire city pass by but with none of the everyday burden on me. The city limits passed by and so did my sense of worry. I let myself dwell in the deep beauty of nature and enjoy this journey from one metropolitan to another. Passing the meadows with pearl like water droplets on them, the fields which were clearly the result of a farmers’ hard work and traversing through many exceptional areas such as the Sahyadri mountain range located between Karjat and Lonavala, also called the Bhor Ghats, they made me realise the importance of taking a second and appreciating our surroundings.

Soon enough, the Pune junction arrived familiarising me with the jolly old bustle that I escaped while leaving the Mumbai station. It being a 24 hour journey, I could really enjoy the play of lights and shadows and how they carry a deep meaning within themselves. I drifted off as I was enjoying some light music and we pierced through the night. I woke up with the holiest view of hanuman temple as well as the Astaane Quadri Halkatta Sharif Dargah, in a village called Konchur somewhere near the Wadi station. Karnataka welcomed us with the perfect snapshots for a photo album. As we proceeded in our journey, I realised that I wasn’t far away from the same rush that I left Mumbai which is why I wanted to make the most out of these precious moments.

We entered the city limits with a scenic view of the Kempegowda Fort. I realised that this journey was definitely the best break that I required, which also helped me enjoy the serene moments in the lap of nature…

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How To Make Delicious Cookie Using Your Hot Air Balloon Cutters

So, you’ve decided to make some cookies maybe for your kids or for an upcoming events but you don’t know how to make them. No worries, this article will help you because we’ve got the best recipe out there. The first thing is to select the perfect hot air balloon cookie cutter. You should make sure that the edges are sharp enough so that the shapes comes out clean but it should not be too fragile, otherwise it may break. Also, maybe before using the cutter, you could put some oil on the inside borders to avoid the dough from sticking on it. That little trick can be very handy! Now that you’ve selected your cutter, let’s move to the recipe.


The Most Delicious Cookie Recipe

For this, it entirely depends on what you want and your taste. You can make chocolate cookies or butter ones. The basic recipe is the same but only the ingredients changes slightly. For the purpose of this recipe, we’ll make a chocolate one. First we need to make the dough. Mix the flour and other ingredients first without forgetting to use a good amount of butter and also include chocolate powder. Once it is ready, put all of them in the fridge for about 1-2 hours. After that, remove it and place on your kitchen table. Use your rolling pin and spread the dough evenly on the table making sure that the thickness is almost the same everywhere. Then use your hot air balloon cookie cutter to cut out the shape from the dough. If you’re still wondering where to get the best cutter, then head to coolstuffshub and read their complete review as this will help you in your selection. You should be careful so as to get as many clean shapes as possible and also not applying to much pressure on the cutter to avoid damaging it. Once you have all your shapes, put them on the tray, and then place them in a preheated oven. Once they start getting a brown color, that indicates that they are ready and you can remove them. And there you have it, some delicious cookies which you can have at tea time.

Why hot air balloon shaped cookies?

We always see people making round cookies or those having the shapes of teddy bears, gingerbread men or heart shaped. But rarely do we see people use a hot air balloon cookie cutter in the kitchen. So if you make this, it will be something out of the ordinary and will impress your guests. Although the taste of the cookies will be the same, the shape will definitely attract lots of attraction especially from kids. Another reason is because you can make them really colorful and thus attractive at the same time. Do try them and you will see the differences for yourself. Apart from colorful icing sugar, you can also decorate your cookies with nuts, chocolates bits and other tasty items. You just have …

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Gluten Free Can Be Tasty

For someone who has an allergy to gluten, which is a mixture of proteins, having gluten free foods is a real blessing. When those are delicious as well, that is a “bonus.” Organic gluten free crackers are an example of something versatile and crunchy that can be eaten by themselves as an on-the-go snack, put into or with various soups, be covered with a variety of dips or fruit or veggies, be topped with cheese or small meat pieces, dips; spread with jam or peanut butter, and more. You can certainly be creative !

Gluten Free Can Be Tasty

Crackers go back to ancient days when they took the form of matzo, pita, nautical ship biscuits, flatbreads, military hardtack, sacramental breads, and others. Nowadays crackers come with interesting additions such as cheese, sea salt, cracked pepper, multi-grain, brown rice flour, spices, herbs, seasonings, nuts, quinoa, flax and sesame seeds, apple cider vinegar, and whatever else the manufacturer can think of that will please the palates of its customers and contribute to the joy of eating items with great taste.

Made with high quality and wholesome Certified Gluten Free and Non-GMO Project Verified ingredients, you can feel good about eating them and sharing with your family. For example, whole grain rolled oats provide slow burning carbs and a pick-me-up boost that will help you to get through your busy day while giving you a homemade taste. Another example is a delicate brown rice cracker that reminds you of a rice cake but is formed into a very thin low-calorie cracker with only 60 calories in seven of them.

Crackers are so easy to transport in your purse, briefcase, gym bag, or backpack for a natural snack that fits into a healthy lifestyle. If you do not buy them wrapped individually, just put some of them from the larger box into a sandwich-size plastic bag.

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Giving Your Baby Foods With Cereal

When it’s time to introduce your baby to solid foods, a good option to start with is cereal. You can mix a small amount with your baby’s formula or even a small amount of baby food. After starting with plain flavors, you can try offering cereals that have fruit flavors in them, such as apple and banana.

Giving Your Baby Foods With Cereal

You want to wait until your baby is about four months old before introducing solid foods, such as baby cereal. This is usually the age when babies begin cutting their first teeth and when they begin to sit up better, which helps them swallow foods that are given. Your baby will usually let you know that it’s time for foods other than formula by opening his mouth when a spoon is nearby or by crying because formula isn’t enough to get through feeding times.

Once your baby has started eating cereal, you can usually begin adding more solid foods to the menu. There are even a few recipes that you can make with the cereal so that your baby gets the iron and other nutrients that are in the cereal along with other vitamins and nutrients in the ingredients that you use.

Pancakes are an option to consider if your baby is a little older and has started chewing on teething cookies and similar foods. Mix the cereal with at least two other types of baby food so that you have a healthy pancake to offer. Fruits work well along with sweet potatoes and squash.

If you want to give your baby a healthier teething cookie, you can make oatmeal cookies with the cereal that you have. Avoid putting large pieces of food in the cookies, such as raisins. Older children might enjoy the cookies as well, especially if you add chocolate chips or dried fruits that they can eat. A similar food that you can make is cereal bars. These are made with fresh fruits that are pureed. You can also use baby food in them to give the bars a softer consistency so that it’s easier to eat. Strawberries and bananas are good ingredients to consider when making cookies or bars as most babies tend to like these flavors. When your baby is ready to begin eating foods that you eat, you can top the cookies with banana or strawberry slices.

You’ve probably seen yogurt puffs in the store that almost melt in your mouth. Use the cereal that you have to make your own puffs with any ingredient that your baby likes or that you want to try to give your baby as a new food. Examples would be green peas or squash. After making a batch of the puffs, you can store them in an airtight container so that you have them on hand when you want to give your baby a snack. Before giving your baby a large variety of foods, you want to try one for a few days to see if there are any allergic …

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5 Yummy South Indian Delicacies You Must Try at Shree Rathnam

Delhi is the food capital of India. There are several restaurants here and some of them are the best in the entire country in terms of taste and quality of food. Apart from serving good quality food, these restaurants also have mind-blowing ambience, which attract more and more customers.

If you are in Delhi and want to try authentic South Indian food,then you should definitely head out to Shree Rathnam.

Talking about Shree Rathnam, they serve authentic South Indian dishes keeping quality in mind. The ambience along with the seating arrangement will remind you of a typical family restaurant, which is very rare to find in a metro.

If you are visiting this restaurant, here are the top 5 yummy South Indian delicacies you must order here.


When we talk about South Indian delicacies, Idli is the first item that comes to our mind. At Shree Rathnam,you can savour fresh idlis along with crispy vadas at very reasonable prices. The whole cooking process takes place under the observation of various supervisors, so it can be considered that they don’t compromise on quality at all.


They serve a variety of Uthapams, which includes onion, tomato, vegetable, coconut, paneer, tomato coconut and much more. As there are almost all types of Uthapams available here, you should definitely give these a try. Talking about the price, they are very economical.


Yummy South Indian delicacies will be incomplete without Dosas. At Shree Rathnam,you can find more than 25 types of Dosas such as plain, masala, butter masala, rava plain, rava masala, onion  rava masala, coconut rava masala, veg rava, Mysore masala, Mysore plain, set dosa, ghee dosa, paneer dosa and much more. They have very experienced chefs who prepare the best dosas.

Vegetarian Fixed Thali

Shree Rathnam is also famous for serving ‘Vegetarian Fixed Thali’, which you can enjoy to the fullest for a complete meal. This unique thali is a combination of rice, flavoured rice, four pooris, two types of vegetable curries, sambhar, rasam, curd and butter milk along with sweets and papad as side dishes. This thali is available to order during the lunch and dinner time. So, you can plan accordingly and enjoy the authentic taste of South Indian meals.


Apart from serving a wide range of main courses, Shree Rathnam also serves some mouth-watering sweet items like Rava Kesari, Gulab Jamun and Basundi to name a few. To maintain their track record, they use pure ghee in order to prepare the sweet items. They are also known for preparing the best quality sweets in the Delhi-NCR region.

If you are looking for a peaceful dining experience in a soothing ambience, then Shree Rathnam is the perfect destination. The South Indian Delicacies served here are very popular not only among the Delhi-settled South Indians, but also North Indians and other tourists who visit the capital city.

So, the next time when you are planning to try some tasty South Indian dishes in Delhi, visit Shree Rathnam, …

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Cookies is Very Suitable to Carry Around When You Get Travelling

There are many varieties of snacks that are sold in food stores or marts around us, one of which is cookies. Cookies are commonly sold in a shape of tightly packaged that can last a long time. Cookies are easy to find in the stores where you skip when traveling because this type of snack is sought after and liked by people to take while traveling as a snack, according to some people we’ve been questioning. They said by eating cookies more energy is obtained and affect a satiety after eating.

From some public literature the term snack does not have a static meaning. Even some literatures to determine from which foods belong to snack groups are difficult. There is some literature that defines based on several factors, mealtimes, types of food consumed, the amount of food consumed, the location of food consumption, or a combination of them. But in this case, we determine the definition of snack is food consumed apart from breakfast, lunch and dinner only. So a snack is a food to reduce the desire to eat and affect a satiety.

Cookies are one kind of snack such as dry food. Light meal or snack cake texture is hard and mostly sweet, with low moisture content. This cake is dried as cooked by the oven. This food has a durability long enough without packaging, moreover it sold in a tight package. Usually using the raw material of flour, rice flour, glutinous rice flour or wheat flour. Therefore, snack type is suitable to be taken as a snack when doing traveling with long time, because it is easy to carry around or get to buy in the shops nearby.

Cookies are most consumed by people in general are chocolate chips. Because chocolate chips have excellent taste and is suitable as a snack when relaxing, watching television, reading a book or chatting with friends. Because cookies have a dry texture so much loved by not only children, adults also like it because of the crunchy. It’s already been mentioned above that the cookies are now easy to obtain because, which existed only on production of the doll, is now mass produced by a food factory. Already many food manufacturers make cookies with a wide range of flavors, which is basically have almost the same taste, sweetness.

If you know and have ever tasted and liked the bolu cake or butter cake, and make it as a snack, but you also know that the cake like this do not have a long durability such as cookies. And if you are traveling out of town where there are rarely or even no snack sellers, usually if you can work to a remote village away from the urban, will have difficulty if you need a snack as your habit, especially snacks it is bolu cake.

Now you do not worry about snacking problems, as many creative chefs in baking cookies that have a taste as well as bolu cake but are cooked …

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