5 Yummy South Indian Delicacies You Must Try at Shree Rathnam

Delhi is the food capital of India. There are several restaurants here and some of them are the best in the entire country in terms of taste and quality of food. Apart from serving good quality food, these restaurants also have mind-blowing ambience, which attract more and more customers.

If you are in Delhi and want to try authentic South Indian food,then you should definitely head out to Shree Rathnam.

Talking about Shree Rathnam, they serve authentic South Indian dishes keeping quality in mind. The ambience along with the seating arrangement will remind you of a typical family restaurant, which is very rare to find in a metro.

If you are visiting this restaurant, here are the top 5 yummy South Indian delicacies you must order here.


When we talk about South Indian delicacies, Idli is the first item that comes to our mind. At Shree Rathnam,you can savour fresh idlis along with crispy vadas at very reasonable prices. The whole cooking process takes place under the observation of various supervisors, so it can be considered that they don’t compromise on quality at all.


They serve a variety of Uthapams, which includes onion, tomato, vegetable, coconut, paneer, tomato coconut and much more. As there are almost all types of Uthapams available here, you should definitely give these a try. Talking about the price, they are very economical.


Yummy South Indian delicacies will be incomplete without Dosas. At Shree Rathnam,you can find more than 25 types of Dosas such as plain, masala, butter masala, rava plain, rava masala, onion  rava masala, coconut rava masala, veg rava, Mysore masala, Mysore plain, set dosa, ghee dosa, paneer dosa and much more. They have very experienced chefs who prepare the best dosas.

Vegetarian Fixed Thali

Shree Rathnam is also famous for serving ‘Vegetarian Fixed Thali’, which you can enjoy to the fullest for a complete meal. This unique thali is a combination of rice, flavoured rice, four pooris, two types of vegetable curries, sambhar, rasam, curd and butter milk along with sweets and papad as side dishes. This thali is available to order during the lunch and dinner time. So, you can plan accordingly and enjoy the authentic taste of South Indian meals.


Apart from serving a wide range of main courses, Shree Rathnam also serves some mouth-watering sweet items like Rava Kesari, Gulab Jamun and Basundi to name a few. To maintain their track record, they use pure ghee in order to prepare the sweet items. They are also known for preparing the best quality sweets in the Delhi-NCR region.

If you are looking for a peaceful dining experience in a soothing ambience, then Shree Rathnam is the perfect destination. The South Indian Delicacies served here are very popular not only among the Delhi-settled South Indians, but also North Indians and other tourists who visit the capital city.

So, the next time when you are planning to try some tasty South Indian dishes in Delhi, visit Shree Rathnam, the only destination for tasty delicacies from South.