Snowskin MooncakeWith about two weeks away to the mid-autumn festival (中秋节), this is now the excellent time to make your personal mooncakes. The snow skin mooncake was created by a bakery in Hong Kong, mainly because the classic mooncakes have been created with salted duck egg yolks and lotus seed paste, resulting in incredibly high sugar and oil content material. With its dark outer layer and gold embellishments, the Mandarin Oriental Singapore’s ultra-decadent mooncake features a filling of egg yolk, lotus and truffle oil. It’s powder soft skin is wrapped about a creamy white lotus paste with a champagne truffle in its centre.

When the durian filling have firmed up, in a massive bowl, place vegetable shortening, sifted glutinous rice flour and icing sugar. I use creamy custard filling for this year’s snow skin mooncake, as I just cannot reject its smooth, milky and creamy taste. And to avoid obtaining clumps of shortening in your bing pi, make confident you rub the shortening into the flour till it’s extremely fine and the mixture seems like soft bread crumbs. Also, the skin appears to be abit sticky coz bits of it stick onto the base of the container. When I bring it to mould I discover it as well large for the small mooncake mould so I finish up making use of the massive one particular.

The Chocolate Trilogy mooncake collection, which pairs completely with champagne, combines a fine layer of chocolate enveloping lotus seed paste and other oriental components. If you are not confident, test with the skin dough by stuffing it into the mould (remember to coat with cooked glutinous rice flour to avoid sticking) and see how much you can fit. A new restricted edition baked skin offering is the Charcoal Roasted Oolong Tea Mooncake.

I believe I kept in the fridge for a week no difficulty, just the skin turned a bit thicker feeling but nevertheless edible. But at that time I didn’t bother searching for other variations of the recipe until I saw this video not too long ago, which utilizes a method that is unique: steaming. If you are watching your calories this Mid-Autumn Festival, there are some standard recommendations that you can abide by, as shared by Ms Bibi Chia, principal dietitian at Raffles Diabetes and Endocrine Centre.

Other snowskin flavours include things like Pandan White Lotus Seed Paste with Champagne Chocolate ($52 / box of 6), Soursop and Chocolate Crunch ($52 / box of six), Green Tea Paste & Baileys Irish Cream Chocolate ($52 / box of 6), and Peranakan Durian ($52 / box of 6). As I have received a lot of emails about this: my big wooden mooncake molds ( noticed here from final year’s post on my Flickr) was purchased from Hong Kong.