My Cooking Experiments

Snowskin MooncakeJust like all the fellow Aspiring Bakers out there, I spent the past couple of days on a mooncake making marathon! Fans of the baked range will delight in 3 refreshingly revolutionary mooncake flavours: Baked Salted Green Bean Paste Mooncake with Coconut, Mini Baked Salted Kumquat Mooncake with Egg Yolk and Mini Baked Custard Mooncake. Nonetheless, the stall do sell D24 puree and Mao Shang Wan puree at S$15 and S$25 per kilogram (seedless) Thus, if you want, you can ask about the durian stalls about Geylang, Singapore to save your time of hunting for the correct durian. Press to push the mooncake into the mould, lay the mould on a flat surface and push the plunger firmly to print the pattern. Cheryl has tried this recipe on her own before and the results which she showed us appears promising.

Not to be missed as properly are their signature snowskin selections -Black Sesame Paste with Melon Seeds, refreshing Granny Smith with Lemongrass Chocolate, fragrant Green Tea with Melon Seeds, the classic White Lotus Paste with Yolk and Melon Seeds and our bestseller, Durian. Snow skin mooncakes continue to be really popular with their versatility and continually evolving flavours.

In addition, Jade restaurant is pleased to unveil its new creation for this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival, the Green Bean with Sweet Potato and White Lotus Seed Paste Snow Skin Mooncake that is inspired by the regional dessert which has been enjoyed for generations. Divide the snowskin into equal portion (25 g every), roll and flatten the snowskin such that it’s huge sufficient to wrap the lotus paste. In the spotlight are the refreshing Sour Plum with Portuguese Custard and Lime Puree Snowskin Mooncake and SG50-inspired Teh Tarik with Chocolate Pearls Snowskin Mooncake. For the durian pulp, I just put them in the fridge over-evening after removing the seeds.

When the durian filling have firmed up, in a large bowl, place vegetable shortening, sifted glutinous rice flour and icing sugar. I use creamy custard filling for this year’s snow skin mooncake, as I just can not reject its smooth, milky and creamy taste. And to protect against obtaining clumps of shortening in your bing pi, make certain you rub the shortening into the flour till it is incredibly fine and the mixture seems like soft bread crumbs. Also, the skin appears to be abit sticky coz bits of it stick onto the base of the container. When I bring it to mould I locate it also large for the tiny mooncake mould so I finish up employing the major 1.

Headlining the premium snow skin choice is the new Charcoal Snow Skin Mooncake with Truffle Oil Lotus Paste and Egg Yolk. Primarily based on your delicious Pandan Snow Skin Mooncakes with Coconut Mung Bean Filling photos, we’d like to invite you to submit your meals images on a food photography site called so our readers can delight in your creations. Hi Shirley, Edith, I uncover that this snowskin recipe taste better and the skin is genuinely soft. Back by well-known demand, Cherry Garden’s a lot-loved snow skin mooncake with Lychee Martini Chocolate Truffle will also be accessible.