Baileys Chocolate Snow Skin Mooncakes

Snowskin MooncakeRevel in the mid-autumn festivities with a sumptuous array of delicious mooncakes. A fun flavour perfect for the ladies, this strawberry infused snowskin packs a punch with a refreshing lime margarita truffle. For alcohol lovers, start the Mid-Autumn celebration on a higher and decadent note with Bliss Collection ($60/ box of eight). These luscious snow skins functions white lotus paste with a chocolate truffle ganache centre infused with all-time favourite liquors.

For a lot more recipes, you can refer to my RECIPE INDEX (updated as at 28 July 2014) here and you can follow me at PINTEREST or check out the blog’s FACEBOOK Page to retain abreast of my future posts. Flatten every piece of dough and location 1 ball of durian paste into it. Enclose the durian paste with the Snowskin dough and place inside the Mooncake mould. A different well-known option is the Mini Red Velvet Snowskin Mooncakes ($62 / box of 8). Inspired by Tuxedo’s signature Red Velvet cake, the stunning pink mooncake is filled with velvety cream cheese and crunchy royaltine.

The Ginger Tea with Dried Longan mooncake adds the healing properties of Ginger tea, generally employed as a remedy for enhancing blood circulation and strengthening the immune method, into the festive celebrations. Mid-Autumn Festival 2015 arrives at SUCRE with the Fleurs d’Automne mooncake gift set, which is accessible from July to September 2015. A plain snowskin mooncake with lotus paste has 983 calories, according to the Wellness Promotion Board.

Each piece of mooncake is prepared by our own chefs with the finest components, delicately produced to perfection, and exquisitely crafted to an intricate finish. Note that as this is fresh durian ice cream sort of mooncake, it had to be served out from the fridge. With lemongrass-infused pineapple puree and a dark cherry, this snowskin mooncake is fruity, tangy and a ideal tropical treat.

Yet another new flavour is the Milk Tea and Red Dates with Melon Seeds mooncake ($66/ box of 4) which offers a sweet oriental taste with generous portions of red dates that can be noticed with every single bite. Vanilla Latte Paste Mooncake is a delectable option for baked skin mooncake lovers with a sweet tooth, when a previous favourite from last year, Assorted Nuts with Kaffir Lime and BBQ Chicken offers a savoury and wealthy selection with a burst of flavors. If you use butter, the color of the mooncake will not be white, I would propose to substitute with cooking oil, objective of oil is to soften the dough for it to be much more pliable.