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Be A Google Play Developer One of the things to which developers have when creating an application is whether they must be registered as a developer with Apple or Apple developer account and Google Play Developer console or not in order to publish their apps for Apple as well as Android devices. Well, the short and simple answer for this is yes but, you’re not required to have both only to publish on a single platform. Let’s say for example that you want to make an app for Apple devices, it should be available in iTunes App Store for users of iOS to download them. Apple developer program has set this requirement to be able to protect their users and to regulate the type of content for their devices at the same time. As for the developers, this is going to cost around 99 dollars annually for the license, which allows them to publish unlimited number of apps. There are many other ways on how you can create your own application for Android devices. Among which, the simplest is through Google Play Store with a Google Developer App Account. Here, the Google Play Developer Console permits the developers to publish and to distribute apps easily right from their accounts to the user of Android compatible devices.
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Similar to iTunes, this allows Google to protect users from any contents that are harmful to the devices or inappropriate. The cost for a Google Developer Account and being able to publish unlimited number of applications on Google Play Store is only 25 dollars.
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Now, if you are interested in this program, the first thing you have to do is of course, to register for a Google Play Developer account. In order to do that, you must visit Google Play Console and enter your basic info regarding Google Play developer identity like name, email address, contact details and so forth. Read the Google Play Account Developer Distribution Agreement and Sign it for your region or country. Please take note as well that the app and the store listings you will publish on Google Play must comply with US export law as well as Developer Program Policies. When you are doing, just pay the 25 dollars for registration fee using the Google payments but if you don’t have such, you can easily set one during the process. If the registration for Google Developer account has been verified, you’re going to get a notification in the email address you’ve used during the registration. You can now log in to your account after the registration is verified. By being a developer, it gives you the opportunity to use Developer Console features like cloud test lab, staged rollouts, alpha and beta tests, acquire users and more.