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Benefits Of The Google Play Developer Console. Google play console is the spot where developers have been given a choice to have all their needs met in the right way and how they want it. In this app there is an option to view the new published apps, people are given the option to check their reviews as well as they are able to check the amount of sales taking place. The customers and the developers have an ease when it comes to dealing with each other in this case. You will find that the developers and the users are benefiting a lot in every way using the play console. The first thing is the ease to use the app since with a Google developer account, you will be able to log in. You will find that it is possible to add a new account if you will want to use a separate one just like how it is done with the other Google accounts like the Gmail. The developers have talked about the ease that comes with using this kind of an app especially when it comes to checking how their apps are doing for the comfort of wherever they are using the various types of the devices they want to. All that is needed is a log in the account then you will be able to access the other applications given. It will be important to find the published apps, the unpublished ones as well as the starred ones to give you a choice in what you really want. The starred apps are best when it comes to the flagging of the apps.
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When it comes to giving the flexibility required, the google people have given the users an option of the flexibility required. Once you choose the app that you need to use, there are several options that you will have to use so that you may be able to go through the cards appropriately. With the graphs shown, you will have a chance to see the timeframe of the statistics available. It is very important to note the kind of an app that you will be able to use when it comes to the different kinds of android versions that you will be able to use.
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The reviews are the best when it comes to a good presentation of the information that people get. It is important to see to it that the right app to be used will give the users a way to have their work done correctly with the right app. The kind of services that one uses will be best if you happen to find the device that is similar to your and have given the right recommendations for it.