Standard Mooncakes

Pineapple Moon CakeI was more than the moon to be picked by Britmums recently as one particular of the Whitworths Sugar Baking Challenge bloggers. According to distributors, desserts and pastries priced at about NT$500 are expected to outsell standard baked moon cakes to become the most trendy vacation gift for this year’s Moon Festival, which falls on the 15th day of the eighth month of the lunar calendar. Sift in the cake flour and use a spatula to fold the flour swiftly and lightly If the dough is also soft to manage, you may require to chill for 10-15 minutes before proceed to the next step. I placed the pineapple rings on top rated and the red glaced cherries in their tiny holes and it looked so pretty that I mentioned Yippity doo daa. Flatten every ball out and place about 1 teaspoon of pineapple jam in the center.

Subsequent, given that pineapple cakes are mainly purchased as gifts for friends and loved ones, flavor and value are leading considerations. It turned out that simmering the mix of winter melon and pineapple for a lengthy time developed the filling that tasted greatest. She just wanted to celebrate the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival (also recognized as the Moon Festival).

It wasn’t stringy, wouldn’t stick to the teeth, and offered a glistening yellow color, with the fragrance and flavor of pineapple. Pineapple paste is basically pureed pineapple and winter melon flesh cooked down slowly into a thick goo which is then sweetened with granulated sugar and maltose syrup and cooked down further into a pliable jam-like consistency.

There are a raft of curries in which pineapple co-stars with seafood: more-ishly sour and spicy Hae Assam Pedas (a sour spicy prawn curry which redolent of torch ginger and Vietnamese ‘mint’), Gulai Lemak Nenas (coconut creamy pineapple and prawn curry) and Gulai Kiam Hu Nenas (pineapple and salt fish curry which incorporates eggplants and snake beans), to name but a few.

On this somber tenth anniversary of 9/11 , my hope is that the Moon Festival themes of family unity and togetherness cast their light across our nation to support us get previous the Islamophobia and race-baiting to come with each other once again, and in the course of action, better fully grasp each and every others’ cultures, histories, perspectives.