Mooncake Making Lessons

Mid Autumn Festival Moon CakeChinese Mooncake Festival has several names such as Mid Autumn Festival, Lantern Festival and also Moon Festival. I’d love to try the chestnut ones – but what does the packaging appear like for these – pic please so I can print it and take it to my nearby chinese place…as a non chinese speaker I can only go by the photographs once I get there! Through the Mid Autumn Festival in Singapore, unique communities such as Chinese associations, residential communities, government or company organisation and so forth.. will organize a moonlight appreciation party. The beginning of the Mid Autumn festival was also identified in ancient times as Chinese Valentine’s Day, and certainly, a small romance is definitely involved. A game of opportunity/dice named the mooncake game is played by each Chinese and Filipinos.

These days if you happen to be visiting China, never neglect to try some moon cakes and taste the festival sense on the particular days. There are quite a few moon cake varieties, which includes red bean paste, mung bean paste and black bean potato paste, but red bean paste is the most generally employed as moon cake filling. Chinese families celebrate with Hou Yi and his wife when he pays his annual go to to her on the moon.

Yi was so heart-broken when he found the accident that he displayed cakes and food below the moon to honor his wife each year on that day. An autumn tradition exactly where persons climb mountains and drink a particular tea to shield against danger, and visit elders to pay their respects. Just appear for the full moon in September, and you will have a great night for an Autumn Moon Festival.

Beneath China’s influence, southeast Asian countries like Japan, South Korea and Thailand also make it a custom to consume moon cakes on the Mid-autumn Festival. This simple, young, and satisfying story follows a Chinese American family as they celebrate the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival. Every cake is about the size of our palm and is round to represent the shape of the full moon. There is a captivating story behind the moon cake, which I will be only also glad to divulge.

This guide had been constructed for the Asian Mid-Autumn Festival 2015 sponsored by Workplace of the Provost, the Workplace of Multicultural Affairs, Very first Year Practical experience, and the Center for International Affairs of CWRU. The chocolate mooncake has an virtually fudgy texture and the flavour of the green tea mooncake isn’t as well overwhelming. A popular folk tale surrounding Chinese Mooncake Festival is the uprising of the Chinese against the Mongol rulers in the 14th century.