How to Use Nature’s Bouquets to Decorate Your Rustic Wedding Cakes

How to Use Nature's Bouquets to Decorate Your Rustic Wedding Cakes

If you’re planning a rustic wedding, you’re not alone. Many couples opt for a woodland-themed cake, with a birch tree design and the couple’s initials etched inside a heart on the middle tier. A rustic wedding cake can also feature sugar flowers that mimic real flowers, and their muted pink petals pop against a textured white icing. Incorporate nature’s bounty into your wedding day decor with these tips.


Succulents on rustic wedding cakes make a beautiful, unusual addition to your cake. Succulents are colorful plants that look amazing on any rustic wedding cake. The succulents can be combined with hand-painted leaf detailing and edible moss to create a stunning design. If your wedding is themed around the sea, succulents will complement the sea-hued color scheme of the wedding. These are just a few of the many ways to use succulents as decorations for your wedding cake.

Fresh berries

In the summer, you can add berries to rustic wedding cakes to scream summer. They are a classic, yet modern way to decorate your wedding cake. You can also use a variety of other decorations, like a mini cupcake tower, candied berry, or a pine sprig. You can even incorporate a cinnamon stick, or other edible nibbles. A rustic cheese wheel tower also looks amazing as a centerpiece at your wedding reception.

Fresh greenery

A wedding cake adorned with fresh greenery can add an element of nature to your celebration. It can be single tier or four tiers. Instead of the traditional white wedding cake, try a rustic design inspired by nature. It will look charming and delicious! You can also use green succulents to decorate your cake. You can also add monograms and other decorations, like a cake topper. Fresh greenery is a wonderful addition to a rustic wedding!


The use of pinecones in a rustic wedding cake adds a charming touch to the rustic theme. While many people consider winter to be a cold and dreary season, it’s actually one of the most beautiful times of year. This style of wedding decoration is very versatile and adds a beautiful touch to the overall design of the cake. For a rustic wedding cake, you can choose a cake decorated with pinecones and decorate it in various ways.

Wood slices

Whether it is a simple one-tier cake or a multi-tiered one, rustic wedding cakes are a great way to make a rustic theme come alive at your reception. The wood slices are a great way to add rustic touches throughout your reception venue and can be used as cake stands. Choosing a cake that doesn’t have any icing will focus all the attention on the flavors of the cake. You can even add a few fresh fruits or flowers to complete the look.

Mismatched glassware

If you’re planning a rustic wedding, mismatched glassware is an excellent option. This unique style looks elegant when combined with real or faux flowers. Borrow some mason jars and vases from friends and a dollar store to display your flowers. For additional rustic touches, use wood pallets as backdrops. They look great when used as seating charts, photo displays, and donut walls. You can also give your guests a rustic-themed favor by using mismatched glassware as wedding favors.


If you’re planning a rustic wedding, you can easily add chic accents to your rustic cake design. For instance, you can use a neon initial sign on top of your cake, and add fresh fruit as an additional decoration. To create a rustic yet chic design, opt for a white semi-naked cake that is decorated with a layered border of fresh fruit and flowers. Alternatively, you can go for a more neutral color palette like ivory or cream and decorate with a bouquet of flowers.


If you are looking for the perfect way to dress up your cake, twine is a perfect choice. This fabric is versatile and can be used for wedding decorations, guest books, and even for your wedding cake. You can even use it to wrap wedding invitations and table numbers. Twine is also a great way to decorate vases, adding a personal touch to your reception. You can even use twine to create a centerpiece or monogram the couple’s initials on the cake.