How to Place a Starbucks Mooncake Order Online

How to Place a Starbucks Mooncake Order Online

If you’re in Hong Kong or Macau and want to experience the authentic flavors of Cantonese and Hong Kong, you can place an order for Starbucks mooncakes online. While the Mid-Autumn Festival doesn’t occur until October 4, the delicious treats are available for two months. You can also visit the Starbucks locations in Macau and Hong Kong to enjoy the mooncakes with a rabbit projection lamp.


If you’re craving a tasty Cantonese mooncake, consider ordering them online. They come in a variety of flavors and are filled with a delicious mixture of sweet and savoury ingredients.

Mooncakes are commonly eaten after the Mid-Autumn Festival or as a gift. One mooncake contains about 700 calories and is moderately salty, so order them with a little bit of caution.

Hong Kong

When it comes to ordering Starbucks mooncakes in Hong Kong, you’ll be spoilt for choice. These mouthwatering sweet treats are inspired by some of the most popular coffee beverages. For example, the Vanilla Latte mooncake comes with a vanilla custard filling, while the Earl Grey Tea Mochi mooncake features an Earl Grey tea mochi filling and an infused skin. Another delicious option is the Caramel Lava and Coffee mooncake, which is filled with salted caramel lava.


If you love Starbucks’s mooncakes, you can order them online! You can also find this Taiwanese delicacy at Sheng Kee Bakery, which has 11 stores in California. You can even track the shipment of your purchase. However, shipping the mooncakes to Taiwan may cost you more than the actual price of the mooncakes themselves! They are dense and heavy, and you’ll likely end up paying for shipping fees on top of the actual cost of the mooncakes.


You can order Starbucks mooncake online in Singapore to enjoy a variety of delicious flavours at the comfort of your home. The mooncakes come in a variety of flavours such as the traditional lotus paste with salted egg yolk and coffee with caramel. They also come in flavours such as mango and hazelnut. The mooncakes are now available in all outlets of the famous coffee chain. To enjoy Starbucks mooncakes online, you need to sign up for a free trial or a coffee membership.

Sheng Kee

The Hong Kong Sheng Kee mooncake is a beautiful treat with the perfect ombre colouring and four different white lotus snow skin flavours. These mooncakes have lower sugar and saturated fat content, and are packed with rich goodness. However, the traditional version of these mooncakes has an egg yolk in the center, a sign of good luck. But if you’re a health freak, this might not be the best option for you.

Hai Tien Lo

If you’re looking for the perfect mooncake, you may want to try the brand’s latest creations. The Hai Tien Lo Snowskin Mooncake features five different flavours. From classics like mango and passionfruit to more modern options such as a matcha black sesame mooncake, Hai Tien Lo has a mooncake to please any palate. The elegant crimson box is covered in delicate florals.