Happy (Belated) Mid Autumn Festival! Snow Skin Mooncakes

Japanese MooncakeHomemade moon cakes are as diverse from store-bought as night and day, but handful of Chinese make their own any longer, probably mainly because a very good recipe has (at least until now) been difficult to locate. Apparently, it is Chinese tradition to exchange gifts of mooncakes with loved ones and buddies in the course of the Mid-Autumn Festival as a symbol of unity and a lot (And readers, please right me if I am mistaken in any of this, as the custom does not exist in Japan). With their addictively delicious mixture of sweet almond taste, dense, flaky pastry, and the crunchiness of the ample walnut filling, these cakes are a flavorfully unforgettable knowledge. I bought the Japanese mochi flour from Anna Phua this morning, going to attempt tonight.

This scrumptious Mooncake taste brings you more than joy with every single single bite! If you want additional of a mochi-like, chewy and translucent skin, you will need to primarily make mochi. You are seeing the remnant of a little mooncake following your highness took her first humble bite. They have so several distinct forms of mooncake pastes that you will take a long time to determine.

But the mooncake pastry is soft with a bit fluffy texture, that’s the effect created by alkaline water. A perennial favourite at Goodwood Park Hotel is the D24 durian paste mooncake, and this year, fans have one more alternative to satiate their cravings – the new limited edition mega mao shan wang snow-skin mooncake is a 12-centimetre hunk of guilty pleasure, generously filled with luscious durian pulp. A renowned folk tale surrounding Chinese Mooncake Festival is the uprising of the Chinese against the Mongol rulers in the 14th century. Speaking of babies, my family had a lovely mooncake mold custom made with our final name when my daughter was born.

This includes mixing glutinous rice flour with sugar and water (or milk) and steaming it for about 30 minutes (not as opposed to this recipe ), and then wrapping your filling with it. This is a fantastic way to appreciate standard Japanese customs and the tastes of autumn at the same time. Although Goodwood Park is popular for its durian cakes and puffs, eating its mooncake with durian paste is like eating durian kueh (cake) from Malaysia. Then only i realized that I did not wait for the half cooked mooncake to cool down then only apply egg wash.

Hi Helen, My favourite component of the Mooncake Festival is the day following the actual festival when all mooncakes go for half cost! In Singapore , mooncakes comes in all types of flavours ranging from the conventional baked ones to the Teochew flaky ones to the soft snowskin. It is so fantastic that you are sharing and passing along this conventional Chinese baking recipe.