Cookies is Very Suitable to Carry Around When You Get Travelling

There are many varieties of snacks that are sold in food stores or marts around us, one of which is cookies. Cookies are commonly sold in a shape of tightly packaged that can last a long time. Cookies are easy to find in the stores where you skip when traveling because this type of snack is sought after and liked by people to take while traveling as a snack, according to some people we’ve been questioning. They said by eating cookies more energy is obtained and affect a satiety after eating.

From some public literature the term snack does not have a static meaning. Even some literatures to determine from which foods belong to snack groups are difficult. There is some literature that defines based on several factors, mealtimes, types of food consumed, the amount of food consumed, the location of food consumption, or a combination of them. But in this case, we determine the definition of snack is food consumed apart from breakfast, lunch and dinner only. So a snack is a food to reduce the desire to eat and affect a satiety.

Cookies are one kind of snack such as dry food. Light meal or snack cake texture is hard and mostly sweet, with low moisture content. This cake is dried as cooked by the oven. This food has a durability long enough without packaging, moreover it sold in a tight package. Usually using the raw material of flour, rice flour, glutinous rice flour or wheat flour. Therefore, snack type is suitable to be taken as a snack when doing traveling with long time, because it is easy to carry around or get to buy in the shops nearby.

Cookies are most consumed by people in general are chocolate chips. Because chocolate chips have excellent taste and is suitable as a snack when relaxing, watching television, reading a book or chatting with friends. Because cookies have a dry texture so much loved by not only children, adults also like it because of the crunchy. It’s already been mentioned above that the cookies are now easy to obtain because, which existed only on production of the doll, is now mass produced by a food factory. Already many food manufacturers make cookies with a wide range of flavors, which is basically have almost the same taste, sweetness.

If you know and have ever tasted and liked the bolu cake or butter cake, and make it as a snack, but you also know that the cake like this do not have a long durability such as cookies. And if you are traveling out of town where there are rarely or even no snack sellers, usually if you can work to a remote village away from the urban, will have difficulty if you need a snack as your habit, especially snacks it is bolu cake.

Now you do not worry about snacking problems, as many creative chefs in baking cookies that have a taste as well as bolu cake but are cooked with oven so the result is crunchy cookies. Cake bolu cookies is the name, because this cake has a recipe like bolu cake recipe in usual, but cooked not by steaming.

So now, for bolu cake enthusiasts, it will not be difficult to get his favorite snack when traveling with family or are getting a travel far from urban. Cookies with a taste of bolu cake will faithfully accompany your traveling.