Chinese Mooncake Festival

Mid Autumn Festival Moon CakeEvann: hahaha… next time we give you the egg :p Errrr… not positive.. it really is with my mom now. The classic Chinese legends and poems in this colorful book will aid young children understand Chinese culture, and the recipes for tasty festival treats will delight those who love Chinese meals. These fancy mooncake gift boxes are probably the most impressive I’ve seen – the one particular on the left has drawers which are secured by the chopstick at the front. His interest again waned, and he was ultimately banished by his master to the moon palace. The Moon Festival or Autumn Festival is celebrated by moon cake exchanges among close friends, relatives and neighbors.

As they consume mooncakes, drink tea and watch the evening sky with each other, Mama and Baba inform ancient tales of a magical tree that can by no means be cut down, the Jade Rabbit who came to reside on the moon and a single brave woman’s journey to eternal life. On that night, youngsters will listen to the tales and legends of the festival and participate in the Lion Dancing.

More importantly, it symbolizes a household get-with each other and reflects the loved ones culture and the unique significance Chinese persons attaching to the family members reunion. The Chinese lunar calendar does not coincide with the revolution of the moon, so it is not assured that there will be a complete moon in the course of the mid autumn festival. As August is the middle month of the Autumn according to the Chinese lunar calendar, the day is known as Mid-autumn Festival.

The Pleased Clap will publish 3 articles per week, pertinent to Chinese language understanding and Chinese culture Tuesdays, we will publish a thing related to Chinese Language Studying, and articles on Thursdays and Saturdays will be based on Culture Mastering. My wife introduced the mid-autumn festival to me and a couple of years ago we gathered with some pals in a regional park in Brooklyn NY to celebrate.

Romantically speaking, the festival is to commemorate Chang E, who in order to shield her beloved husband’s elixir, ate it herself and flew to the moon. He cleverly sought permission to distribute thousands of moon cakes to residents with a message hidden within – Kill the Mongols on the 15th day of the 8th month.” On that night, the rebels attacked, overthrew the Yuan Government, and thus Mongol Rule. He attempted to hide the pill but of course his wife managed to find it and swallowed it. Her husband found out and tried to give chase but she flew out the window and reached the moon where her husband could not catch her.