Chinese Moon Festival Background

Moon Festival CakeProducing mooncakes is now an annual event ever given that my first try in 2010. The Festival originated as a Harvest Festival, which was celebrated for the duration of the complete moon in autumn. Anybody going to Hong Kong during the Mid-Autumn Festival will be treated to a colourful showcase, where families make up and light vibrant lanterns all through the city. Below China’s influence, southeast Asian nations like Japan, South Korea and Thailand also make it a custom to eat moon cakes on the Mid-autumn Festival.

The Festival seems to be most celebrated by individuals with Chinese origin who can be identified in all parts of the globe, such as the USA, UK, Asia, East Asia, and South-East Asia. The immortals have been so moved that they sent the rabbit to the moon exactly where it became an immortal Jade Rabbit who created medicine for those in heaven and also became Chang’e’s companion. The moon itself is round in shape and symbolises reunion, one of the meanings of the Festival.

While the festival happens in mid-autumn, the climate generally stays pretty warm, so several men and women get pleasure from eating ice cream moon cake – specifically little ones. Along with taro, pumpkin, duck and hairy crabs, the mooncake is 1 of the conventional foods enjoyed in the course of the Moon Festival. It is debatable no matter if it was the Mountain gods or the Moon that was worshipped for the duration of that time to give thanks for the harvests.

The simple round cakes of the past have due to the fact evolved into the present-day moon cakes with distinct shapes and sizes, and a wide wide variety of fillings with unique flavors. As with most Chinese festivals, there is often a story behind it which is passed down from 1 generation to the next. Ingenira, it really is excellent to know that you are celebrating Mooncake Festival just about every year. Lit lanterns can also be utilized to guide spirits or to contrast the brightness of the moon.

I came to Boston for college several years ago, and found the Moon Festival extremely quiet here in US. The only place I applied to get moon cake every year was on the Chinese Student Association Moon Festival gathering, and the moon cakes had been divided into several small pieces that toothpicks are necessary to choose them up. It felt so significantly like the sample tasting in supermarkets.