Mooncake CaloriesRecipes, text and photographs are © Copyright The Brûlée Weblog, 2008 – 2011 unless otherwise noted. There are few foods that use far more calories to digest than they include (ice water and celery are 2), but they wouldn’t contribute to weight loss considering that there are no calories in water and really few in celery. If you are obtaining mooncake for a snack, the common suggestions is to limit your intake to one hundred calories – roughly one-eighth of an average mooncake.

My favourite thing abt mid autumn festival is spending time with my family and becoming able to share the lovely mooncakes we recieve or obtain each year beneath a full moon with good fruits and traditonal chinese tea. Not needing to be baked, these treats have a white mochi-like skin that wants to be kept cold, thus the name snowy mooncakes. Every mooncake either has its filling written into the design and style on its crust or is stamped onto its outer package. Btw, I did some durian cheese tarts also..:) But your mousse cake is beautiful and so pro!

You can also purchase moon cakes with no yolks, or with a single to 4 yolks inside every single piece. On the other hand, typical lotus is fried with additional sugar so as to develop its golden texture, causing it to contain more calories when compared to white lotus. As such, it is advised that you consume 1/two much less bowl of rice during your standard meal soon after getting some mooncake.

When I am normally not massive on eating mooncakes (they are kinda dense, heavy, greasy and I feel like my arteries are acquiring clogged anytime I consume mooncakes), I was pleasantly surprised to obtain a box of Snowskin Chocolate Truffles Mooncakes from Smoulder – the softcore baker recognized for their bite-sized molten lava cakes. Due to high demand, The Peninsula Boutique’s mini mooncakes often sell out at least a month ahead of Mid-Autumn Festival. I know there are numerous of you out there who will write me semi-threatening letters saying that you in fact like mooncake.

Most mooncakes consist of a thin, tender pastry skin enveloping a sweet, dense filling, and might include 1 or more complete salted egg yolks in their center as the symbol of the full moon. I was attempting quite tough to discover out the calories content in Moon cakes, a regular Chinese recipe created for celebration in the course of moon cakes festival.