Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator Best way to Store your Food

Since from ancient times people are been looking for long-term ways to store their food.  So to solve this issue they used to have some ice rooms, which are laid up with an ice gathered from mountains & frozen springs. Luckily, the progress of invention never stands still & it constantly introduces the modern equipments with high-technology solutions to extend the shelf life of the food. Thank to the invention, by this recently fridge is an essential kitchen appliance which was used by every household and that will helps raw ingredients & also ready-to-eat food to stay for longer time. Today we have got a so many varieties of refrigerators which are having their own unique design & also characteristics. So it will be easy to pick the suitable model of refrigerator for all your special needs. But if you are looking for some kind of separate freezer for the purpose of storing extra food items, it is worth to consider a chest freezer for storing all small amounts of the food, or the freezer which is having the capability of storing large amounts of food.

Types of Refrigerators

  • The traditional models such as: a 2-door bottom-freezer refrigerator, which is having a refrigerator on top & freezer at the bottom and a 2-door top-freezer refrigerator which is having a freezer on top & a refrigerator at bottom. Presently, these 2 types of models are most common.
  • The top-freezer fridge generally has a divided shelf while in case of the bottom-freezer fridge will have pull-out drawers which are very convenient for preserving and storing variety of food items.
  • Bottom-freezer refrigerator is having a larger freezer, and also, the fridge is having reversible doors, which will make it very suitable for any kind of layout. The bottom-freezer refrigerators will be having a French door configuration along with a pull-out freezer drawer, which will helps to decrease the cold air loss when door is opened.

Considering some features while selecting a Refrigerator

  • If you are going to replace old refrigerator, first you need to decide on how you are going to use the fridge that is to select an appropriate Type of refrigerator. The type usually influences the unit’s size. Don’t forget to specify the specific size of unit to make sure which fits in your home space.
  • Other major features which require a careful consideration was the Capacity & the Configuration of fridge. It is necessary to find out the correct capacity of the each compartment as well as number of the shelves & drawers & also the material which they are made up of.
  • A large number of door shelves will allows storing some kind of food items, with an optimizing food storage options also. And refrigerator door shelf bins will also permit to store any kind of juice, milk, & also beverages in 2-liter bottles on door for the easy access.
  • You should also need to find out if there was water or an ice dispenser which was very important if you want to have ice & the frozen water within the easy reach.
  • The unit was also well designed to have some special bottle rack holder shelves for the proper & safe storage of wine in the horizontal position.