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Besides the Ingredients, What Else Do You Need to Make Artisan Baked Goods? After having purchased the ingredients for your artisan baked goods, to ensure that you will be making bread and pastries of perfection, make sure that you have all the materials needed to bake some. Some of the materials that will make the process of baking much easier on your part are mentioned below and they will surely give you the traditional feels. In preparing your artisan bread and pastries, you will be needing the following materials. – A mixing bowl and a mixer must be secured first. You can actually use the mixer’s dough hook when baking goods. Yet, you can still opt to use your own hand or a wooden spoon if you do not have such material.
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– You will also be needing a container to store your dough. Such container should come with a lid, and make sure that it is not completely airtight. For your dough to rise, this container will serve as a great storage place. For you to determine how much of the dough has already risen, you can get a container that has ruler marks in it. This container will still be a good storage place for your dough that has risen to be stored in the refrigerator. If you want to still keep it for weeks in your refrigerator, you can still do so by using an airtight lid.
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– Another essential material you will be needing is a bread knife that is serrated. This type of knife will be of help if you want to cut the dough before you begin baking. To avoid any kitchen mess, it is recommended that you use this knife to get a certain amount of dough from your storage container. Towards the end of the baking process, this knife will be of help if you want to create patterns on your shaped dough. During the baking process, you will be needing the following materials. – For dough placement and dough shaping, you must have a pizza peel for such purposes, firstly. This material will be your work table. This will also function as a place for pressing and shaping dough. Your pizza peel must be covered by the following. – Firstly, a baking sheet. This will serve as an essential material so that your dough will not be sticking on the pizza peel. If you forgot to buy a baking sheet or just do not have any, you can still go through with the process by sprinkling cornmeal in the pizza sheet. This will also serve as a good alternative. – You will also be needing a baking stone to be placed inside a preheated oven. Before you proceed with baking, do make sure that this stone is placed inside the oven during the twenty-minute preheating process. This heated stone acts as an oven spring that has the capacity to quickly transfer heat into the dough to avoid hardening it and to permit additional dough rising. These are just some of the materials you can use to have the best baking experience and do make sure to invest in them because you will be using them in the long run.