Traditional Mooncakes (廣式月餅) Christine’s Recipes

Japanese MooncakeThis blog is about sharing our knowledge of living in Singapore from February 2007 thru to February 2012 and all the superb points we saw, what we did and the locations we have been. One related thing involving Japanese and other Asian culture is that eggs are applied to symbolize the moon. And Mooncake Festival was celebrated henceforth to commemorate this unforgettable event. I blogged the recipe but I wasn’t totally satisfied with the texture of the mooncake. Taking a cue from the concoctions at its ever-popular Martini Bar, Grand Hyatt Singapore presents some thrilling cocktail-inspired snow-skin mooncakes. Ever considering that I saw the super cute rabbit mooncakes sold at Minamoto Kitchoan at Takashimaya Singapore , I fell in appreciate with these baked wagashi sweets.

Last year, in addition to creating classic baked mooncakes , piggy mooncakes and spiral mooncakes , I decided I was going to give snowskin mooncakes yet another try to get them more perfect (we weren’t as well pleased with our first attempt ). I also purchased a book all about mooncakes referred to as Mooncake Sonata” by Alan Ooi and the recipes in there seriously helped me to great those snowskin varieties.

I just want to say that I am really impressed with your moon cake and lotus paste recipe. Aunty I appreciate mochi mooncake so muuucchhh, I usually bought the Taro spiral pastry with mochi in it when i go to Taiwan. The chocolate mooncake has an just about fudgy texture and the flavour of the green tea mooncake isn’t as well overwhelming. The 4 oil indicators that had been on display right here date back to the 1930s in Korea, throughout the Japanese Occupation (1910-45).

When the nation was taken over by the Japanese throughout the Second Globe War, quite a few locals, Australian and British soldiers had been taken to Sandakan to create the Japanese military airstrips. Btw, the initially photo you posted from a Japanese confectionery, those are NOT mooncakes, they are essentially regular Japanese confectioneries referred to as ‘Wagashi’, they are often served with tea.

I tried the mochi flour purchased from Phoon Huat but my mooncakes do not look tranparent, my look like snow skin & when put in the fridge, they turned challenging. The standard ones with Lotus Paste, the Durian flavoured ones, the ones with a Chocolate-and-Rum cream center, and almost certainly most of all, the Snow Skin Mooncakes (which is really 90% of the mooncakes I eat in Singapore).