Top 5 Simple Tips to Plan Valentine’s Day Wedding in Manipal

The breathtaking suburban town of Manipal is located near the Udupi city of Karnataka. It falls within the ambit of Coastal Karnataka. And there is no doubt that the charming weather of this stunning city wins the hearts of the visitors from time to time.

This Valentine’s Day, celebrate the occasion in the serene city of Manipal for an awesome experience. The celebration can even get bigger if the same is transformed into a wedding day altogether. A Valentine’s Day is the day to propose one’s heart out and the joy can even get doubled up by converting it into a marriage venue.

It is an awesome experience. Valentine’s Day symbolizes love while marriage is depicted as the reunion of two souls with relentless affection for one another. Just a few simple tips can transform a grand Valentine’s Day celebration into a memorable and gala marriage ceremony.

  • Splendid Decor: There are lots of beautiful community halls, hotels and restaurants in Manipal that offer beautiful spots for a marriage ceremony. A couple can go there with an aim to celebrate Valentine’s Day and return as a married couple. What an exciting transformation it would be. Isn’t it?
  • Gifts, Flowers, and Sweets: A couple can gift people various things as a token of appreciation to them. valentines day flowers to Manipal can be easily sent online by friends and relatives. So, if it is impossible to attend to one’s Valentine’s Day cum marriage ceremony then the loved ones and relatives can still send lovely gifts and flowers to the newly-wed couples online.
  • Rose for each other: Romantic couples believe in the magic of Roses. Once the marriage celebration is over, the couple can present each other with wonderful flowers such as Rose, Tulips or Orchids. It makes the Valentine’s Day celebration all the more magnificent. Flowers are the fantastic presents to woo somebody you love.
  • Memorable Day: Let this Valentine’s Day be the best day. A couple might have celebrated a lot of days together in the past but turning their Valentine’s day into a marriage ceremony in Manipal with lots and lots of flowers all around is something that is truly remarkable. It unveils a new life to their relationship taking the same to a higher level.
  • Right Choice of Cake: A red velvet heart shaped valentine cake is the best to celebrate the day. Invite all friends and let them participate in the joy. Really, it is altogether a beautiful experience to elevate one’s romantic relationship to that of a life-partner. Usually, for Valentine’s Day celebration in Manipal, shops and malls stay open until midnight.

Certainly, Manipal is counted as one of the most fantastic romantic locations to celebrate the Valentine’s Day. This serene place is astonishingly blissful to make one’s Valentine’s Day celebration bigger, better and lovelier. If this day turns into a marriage ceremony then it would be a more wonderful opportunity to keep the essence of everlasting love in life.