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Why Sous Vide Cooking Just Rocks Cooking is a kind of art that many people enjoy. There’s a range of cooking methods, and sous vide is one of them. In French, the phrase sous vide means “under vacuum.” This method entails enclosing food in airtight sealed plastic bags and putting it an oven or steamer for a period longer than normal cooking. The cooking may take place under consistent and controlled temperature for up to 6 hours or in some cases, 48 hours. These are the advantages of cooking in vacuum, if you’re a chef: Firstly, if you cook your food in boiling vacuum bags, there are plenty of benefits. For instance, cooking meat that’s placed in a bag leads to even dispersion of heat over it, resulting in a proper, even meal. The consistent dispersion of heat must happen at controlled temperatures of anything between 55 and 60 degrees Celsius. If the cooking goes on for an extended period of time, the meat will cook satisfactorily in the inside and outside. Additionally, the sealing helps lock in the flavor. With the food enclosed in a plastic bag, the consistent temperature produces a steam within the bag, and the steam is not able to leak. The ultimate outcome is that the spices and flavors added to your meal remain locked inside the bag in the entire cooking period. Hence, the enclosure that boiling vacuum bags create helps concentrate the flavors, producing tasty and aromatic meals at the end of your cooking. You certainly want to avoid overcooking, and thanks to sous vide cooking, that won’t be a problem. The possibility of overcooking your meal is checked by the controlled temperatures that come with this cooking method. Similarly, time is saved substantially with the cooking technique. Preparations usually take quite some time and effort, but once you leave your food to cook slowly for the correct length of time, you may take to other tasks. If you’re a cook that likes to multitask, sous vide cooking is surely for you.
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Sous vide is the appropriate cooking method when it’s necessary to retain moisture. Since steam is trapped inside the sealed plastic bag, the food remains exposed to moisture. This way, the food does not dry out even after cooking for 48 hours nonstop.
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Would you dislike a cooking technique that makes tough meat soft. With sous vide, you can easily and affordably make tough cut meat very spicy and tender. The stubborn meat pieces may be cooked under sufficiently low heat conditions so they don’t dry out, and the same time, high enough to surmount the hard interconnecting meat tissues. If you hold cooking close to your heart, cooking in vacuum will surely please you.