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How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Boiler?

Boilers are popular across the United States for the reason that they present one of the most energy-efficient and natural-friendly ways of heating a home. Heating happens in the boiler by way of cycling cold water with the help of a set if heated pipes; and once that water is heated, it will then be distributed all throughout the home in two distinct forms – steam and hot water.

If you are contemplating on replacing your old boiler or if you want to switch from a different equipment to a new boiler, you need to understand that the very step of the entire process is figuring out how much the installation or replacement would cost. The reason why this one’s a tough act is because there are several factors you need to put weight on.

On paper, boiler installation or replacement would correspond to an average expense of $5,000, with the most affordable options at $3,000 and the more expensive ones usually priced around $7,000. The reason why there’s a big difference in price is because you get to choose from a wide variety of boilers out there. For instance, opting to buy a very energy-efficient model usually means having to pay a little bit more on your initial investment. Although you likely are going to pay more on a premium efficient unit, you will be able to save on energy costs in the long run. The good news for you is that there have been several boiler finance options popping out as of late, offering homeowners the chance to buy premium quality and efficient types without having to pay a lot of cash initially.
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Now talking about your options, perhaps the first thing that you come across will be the standard boiler. This traditional boiler equipment works by heating the water rapidly in the pipes running through the tank; and when the water is hot enough, it can then be used all throughout the home through the taps. A standard/conventional boiler will cost about $3,000.
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Next, there’s another type called the system boiler, which actually is more advanced and modern than the first type. This heating equipment is unique for the reason that it is able to maintain water pressure so as to make sure there always is a quick delivery of hot water to multiple taps. Water in this case is placed in a cylinder, where it eventually will be heated and sent out to the taps or converted into steam.

But regardless of the kind of boiler you eventually chose to buy, one thing you have to clearly understand is that once it is installed and you begin using it, don’t forget that it also needs to be maintained and monitored regularly so that you wouldn’t have to think about repair or even replacement costs later on.