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You Can Sous Vide at Home If you are reading this article, you have probably already heard of Sous Vide. A lot of fashionable chefs are touting the method as one of the great cooking innovations of our time. The phrase, itself, is French and means “under pressure.” It was first conceived in a French kitchen during the 1970s. If you want to try this method out on your own, here is some more about it. The Sous Vide cooking method involves vacuuming sealing your food and then cooking it in a hot water bath. After the meal has finished cooking, you will see that it is full of flavor and juice. In addition, the food also has a slightly different texture. The special tenderness of the food is unique to Sous Vide. As you already know, the way you cook a dish determines its texture. So, what kinds of food can be cooked in the Sous Vide style? Certain meats, like lamb or steak, are often cooked Sous Vide. Restaurants can save money by using less expensive cuts of meat, which are typically tougher, and cooking them in a water bath until they are tender. Once the meat is finished with its warm bath, you can sear each side in a pan if you prefer. Therefore, do not assume that your food was not cooked Sous Vide just because it has grill or pan marks on it. One additional tip is to marinate the steak while it is cooking, by sealing it up with the appropriate marinade blend. When marinated and slowly steamed, the meat is able to really soak in all the delicious nuances of flavor.
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Trying out Sous Vide is definitely something you can do in your own home. There are some great systems out there that utilize a small home vacuum sealer and a water oven. A vacuum sealer works by sucking out all the air and then sealing shut special bags. For this step, you need an actual machine. It is not possible to create an air tight seal without this machine. Please keep in mind that you need special bags for withstanding high temperatures. These boiling vacuum bags are made to withstand very hot temperatures. Another tip is to make sure that your bags are BPA free so that they are food safe and not harmful to the environment.
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However, the water bath you may be able to recreate at home without any special tools. The water bath, on the other hand, can be created with just a few items that you probably already have. There are a lot of great tutorials on the internet that can help you set this up. Using the information learned in this article, you will be able to create a delicious meal, home cooked in the modern French style of Sous Vide.