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Top Tips for Buying a Halloween Costume for Kids

It’s that season once again! If you and your kids are excited about Halloween costume shopping, you’re definitely not alone. But that doesn’t mean you can just pick any costume out there. Besides from letting them wear what they really like, you’d also like to ensure it’s the right one for them.

Below are useful tips for your Halloween costume shopping:

Go through the packaging.

With so many candles around trying to create that eerie Halloween air, fire is a significant concern. Before buying a product, the Consumer Products Safety Commission says you must look for “flame resistant” or “flame retardant” on the label. That doesn’t mean the item won’t burn however. It still will, but slowly enough that the wearer will have time to take off the costume unharmed.

Another reason to check the label is to make sure the costume is not made of a material that your child is allergic to. To be safe, pick a costume that is made of breathable fabric. Cotton may well be the safest.

Choose the right size.

Your child must feel free to move while wearing the costume. The costume has to be comfortable, and your child should be able to move quickly when necessary, as when he has to get out of the way of traffic.

Buy the right mask.

Before you select a mask, make sure it’s a good fit. Otherwise, it could slip and block the wearer’s vision or breathing. A lot of inexpensive masks have very small eye openings that obstruct peripheral vision. Find a mask with openings that are big enough to provide a full range of vision.

Select the right soles.

A pair of glittery glass slippers are a must as Cinderella footwear, but she’s not going to do much dancing at the ball if she has a twisted ankle or blisters.

Just keep footwear reasonable.

Shoes that are well fitting and low-heeled shoes are the safest and most comfortable during Halloween.

Be careful with wands, swords and other accessories.

This is a scenario where flimsy is good. Accessories should be soft and flexible. If your kid must carry a wand, it should be made of a sponge or thin plastic so that it simply bends in case the child falls.

Be conscious of the weather.

It usually gets cold towards the end of October. Snowflakes falling on trick-or-treaters is hardly surprising. To keep kids warm without interfering with their costume, have them wear a skin suit underneath with the face portion unzipped. The suit is great for providing warmth and protection. Or a fuzzy animal costume will do the trick entirely.

Save some cash.

If you want a popular costume, you should expect to pay more. If you plan on something more generic, don’t overlook a costume store’s clearance bin.