5 Trends in Organic Bakery Products

5 Trends in Organic Bakery Products

There is a growing trend around the nation that is quickly gaining momentum, organic and natural products are in high demand. Consumers are paying more attention to their health than ever before. Product labels are becoming a new selling point, people are looking to see if there are chemical additives, food coloring, and trans fats in processed foods. Non-GMO foods are also preferred by most of the American population. The tide is turning to where healthy foods are becoming the norm. Retail stores and restaurants must stay on top of the trend by including organic and natural foods for sale.

Companies, restaurants, or stores that are looking into regular organic bread distribution should consider the increase in organic products an investment in their product image. The more organic items available for sale give off a more modern, hip vibe bringing in a new customer base. In past years bread sales have declined. This has driven bread companies to have to rethink their business plan. The natural and organic boom has brought a large amount of creativity and variety to the selection of products available.

Less Refined Sugar, More Alternative Sweeteners

Consumers aren’t swearing off sugar, but they are reducing their consumption. Honey, molasses, maple syrup, stevia, and sucralose are the most commonly used natural sweeteners in baking outside of traditional sugar products.

High Protein/Low Carb Selections

Part of healthy living includes having enough nutrients. For several years now, the focus has been on increasing protein intake and decreasing carbohydrate intake. This trend is partially due to the rise of fad diets promising weight loss.


Many people of all ages have gluten intolerances or allergies. In the past, there were very few gluten-free bread selections, but now the quality, taste, and variety have vastly improved. There are many people that also buy gluten-free products as part of a diet plan rather than a medical reason.

Artisan Products

The very word ‘artisan’ evokes an image of a baker covered in flour carefully kneading a dough, and consumers love the concept. Made in small batches for high quality, these bread, and pastry offerings add a level of elegance to any establishment.

Size Variety

Every individual and family dynamic is different, each group has different size preferences for their food purchases. A larger family might prefer to buy in bulk whereas a couple may not want the same quantity. Many manufacturers are catching onto this trend by offering smaller portions at lower prices.

Staying relevant in a constantly evolving retail or restaurant market is an on-going challenge. One of the biggest changes is the consumer desire for more organic product selections. There are several organic bakery trends sweeping the nation. Alternative sweeteners, high protein, low carb, and gluten-free bread and pastries are in demand. Additionally, artisan bread is making a comeback along with different packaging sizes to meet varying consumer needs.